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In addition to the frequently mentioned KfW loans, which we are very happy to apply for on your behalf, we would like to inform you today about another option involving the guarantee banks. We have completely digitalised the process for guarantees for up to 250,000 euros in cooperation with the guarantee banks. This is unique so far! Please note that only requests for which the documents are complete will be processed as quickly as possible:

  • Brief description of the situation / effects of the pandemic
  • The last two annual accounts
  • Current business analysis and the calculated business analysis December from last year
  • Current totals and balances list and the last year's totals and balances list December of the previous year
  • Liquidity planning for the next two years
  • Profitability planning for the next two years

Important requirement:
An important prerequisite for the approval of a guarantee or a promotional loan is,

  • - that your customer's business model was economically viable before the crisis broke out.
  • - an indication for this is among others. a positive earnings and equity situation.

This is an extremely exciting opportunity for your clients to access liquidity away from promotional loans!
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

However, a claim to the granting of a guarantee cannot be derived from this as a general rule.

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