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Rating analysis - economic report with certificate

The basis of all actions as a consulting company is the most accurate possible analysis of a project or company.
The better the credit rating, the more creditworthy the company, or the more favourable the conditions required for debt financing. The better the external rating, the more attractive your company is for business partners and customers. And, of course, also for investors. The data collected here is a very good instrument for making appropriate statements and deriving actions from them.

Auditors want to know whether the management is well positioned and whether the balance sheets and strategy are in order. To do this, entrepreneurs have to let them look at their cards. What is part of the daily bread for large companies is associated with discomfort for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Both balance sheet ratios and qualitative factors about the situation of your company flow into the rating result. Incidentally, this also depends on the legal form, the focus of activity, i.e. the economic sector. For example, the focus of a craftsman's business is different from that of a nationally active industrial company or a business start-up - and here the question is whether the company that receives money today will be able to pay it back tomorrow.

Even before the necessary rating, we show you the weak points before the bank employees enter the company to put the balance sheets, profit and loss accounts of the last few years, as well as judgements about market position, products and innovative strength, and the strategic energy emanating from the management, to the test.

We advise you and assess your company creditworthiness in advance. CONNex prepares you and carries out a check based on a multiple discrimination analysis, up to a full company rating, before the first RATING.

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